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Joy Dive Maldives

Welcome to Joy Dive Maldives Safari Island Resort

The Dive Centre “Joy Dive Maldives” is under german management. Looking back to 20 years of experience in the Maldives, we offer a simple regulated and professionally organized diving operation.

In view of a most possible individual service, we are offering daily half-day trips (1 – 2 dives),full-day trips (3 dives) and early-morning, as well as night dives.

Great dive sites, such as “Fish-head” (only 12 minutes away) “Maaya Thila”, “Hafsa Thila”, “Manta Point”, “Fesdu Wreck” and many others in the near surroundings, offer breathtaking diversity of corals and fish.

The absolute highlight and unique in the Maldives – is the possibility of an exclusive private dive safari on one of the luxurious, traditional boats, with the possibility to reach the top spots of the entire Ari Atoll. A good chance to see even Manta and Whale Shark …

Orientation Dive

Every diver will start his dive holiday with an orientation dive.

The idea of the orientation dive is to give you a safe chance to practice breathing underwater after a while,
to check the equipment and the correct amount of weights.

Furthermore, we will demonstrate to you the correct use of the Surface Marker Buoy.

House Reef

If you fulfil the minimum requirement for unguided diving (OWD with Adventure DEEP or equivalent and 30 logged dives, at least some of them in the last 18 months), you have the opportunity to dive on the house reef independently with a buddy.

There are 4 entry and exit points, marked by 4 buoys, with ropes to a depth of 20 m to help as an orientation for you.

House reef-tanks can be transported by our staff to the requested entry and collected again after your dive.

Simply discuss your planning with the Joy Dive Team, so that you receive a briefing before the dive and to ensure surface supervision.

Please remember: Your safety is important to us.

For guided divers, a dive guide will always be available for you. He can also show you the most beautiful spots on the House Reef. 

Boat Trips

Around Safari Island are many beautiful dive sites located which are well known for their diversity of fish life.
Driving time to the dive spots – between 10 – 60 minutes.

We offer the following Boat Trips:

Boats-Tour  Duration  Dives
 Half day Excursions  8:00 – 13:00 
 2 Dives
 Full day Excursions  8:00 – 17:00
 2 to 3 Dives
 Morning Excursions  9:00 returning latest 12:00
 1 Dive
 Afternoon Excursions  14:30 returning latest 16:30
 1 Dive
 Night Dive Excursions  18:00 – 19:00  1 Dive

We do not have a fixed weekly schedule, rather we are planning our excursions short term and most individual with our guests – always considering the given current and weather conditions.

Joy Dive Resort Map

Dive Sites

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get additional information?

For additional information please feel free visit our web-page:
For current news please check our Facebook page:


Joy Dive Opening Hours ?

JD: 08:00 Hrs to 12:00 Hrs Noon & 14:00 Hrs to 18:00 Hrs

What documents are required to check in for diving?

JD: Please bring your logbook and your certification card for check in procedure. Then you need to fill a medical questionnaire (see attachment). All listed questions about your medical history at this form should be answered with a “NO”. If you are not sure about any of the questions or you might have to answer with a “Yes”, please go to your doctor and ask for a medical which states you “fit for scuba diving”.

How does the daily dive trips by boat gets scheduled?

JD: We’re always trying to schedule the daily dive trips as individual as possible and to consider our guests wishes and needs. We usually do 1 or 2 dives in the morning and 1 dive in the afternoon. Always short term scheduled from one day to the other and in consideration of the weather conditions and currents. Full day trips, Night dives and Early morning dives will be planned individually and on request.

When can we book the private Dhoni – how will it be organised?

JD: All guests of Safari Island have the opportunity to book the private Dhoni for one or two days – after prior confirmation also for overnight. (For current prices please contact the Island directly: This is an absolutely interesting and unique offer. The Dhoni boat can be pre-booked at the reception directly after your arrival, because it is an offer of the island.
If you would like to go diving on such a trip you will need to let us know when the safari trip is supposed to take place and we can arrange a private guide to show you some of the best dive sites of the whole Ari Atoll.

How does it works with those private dive safaris and what are the costs?

JD: You can book a private guide specifically for your 1-2 days safari trip. The guide will accompany you on your tour and show you the finest dive sites in the region. For this exclusive and highly individual service a charge of 155,- U$ per day will be charged. The dives itself done during that trip will be calculated according to our price list. Throughout the 2-day Safari a min. number of 5 dives (max. 6) will be scheduled (a minimum number of 2 Diver is required), to give you the chance to benefit the potential of the trip and to show you the most spectacular dive sites in the Ari Atoll. So you’ll even have a good chance to dive or snorkel with Whale sharks.

How does it work with the “free dives”?

JD: According to our price list every 7th dive is free of charge. This automatically equals a discount of up to 14%.

Will course dives be counted on that discount regulation?

JD: Yes. The AOWD course for example consists of 5 dives. When you join us for 9 additional dives afterwards (total 14 dives) you automatically will enjoy 2 of your dives free of charge. If you go for a total of 21 dives per person – 3 dives will be free of charge.

How do we pay…?

JD: You can settle your bill nicely and easy at the end of your stay at the resort reception. They accept Visa,- and Master card as well as cash.

Should we book dives in advance – are there any discounts for early bookings?

JD: Since every diver gets a discount of up to 14% directly on spot, pre booking discounts are not necessary. Therewith all of our customer have the chance to enjoy the benefit out of that generous regulation.

Contact for more information

Phone: +960 770 4554